Personal Core Dimension

The Personal Core dimension involves everything that makes you, YOU!

  • Choice in music
  • Interests
  • Style of dress
  • Desires
  • Natural talents
  • Weaknesses & Strengths
  • and so much more!
Who are you? Who will you become?

Our personality is made up of ten Core Dimensional Capabilities (CDC: personal, spiritual, behavioral, emotional, mental, relational, sexual, physical, financial, and legal) that are formed throughout life. Our genetics, household environment, intelligence, society’s impact, and the level of development of our individual CDC’s, each play a role in our attitude toward ourselves, others, and society.

Each CDC has a variable of low-high efficacy, so our capabilities can change depending on various factors. The True Self-Actualization education program, called Exiting the Matrix, is designed to assist individuals to reach their fullest potential in each area and to understand that setbacks are a normal part of life. The goal is to continue growing, despite painful experiences.  I know this can be very hard, as I have had several roadblocks in my life that have knocked me down; but, I always get back up again and so can you!

Being aware of your own CDC levels will enable you to identify your weaknesses and focus on where you need to grow. If you are ready to register for our educational program, you can get started anytime since students are able to go at their own pace. The program provides a free pdf version 78 page Personality Workbook (also available in print) which is utilized throughout the program.  

Register for the free True Self-Actualization program here called Exiting the Matrix. (Weeks 1-3 available.)

Click to take the Self Analysis Tool to see how you evalutate yourself in 10 core areas of life.




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