Core Dimensional Capabilities

According to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory, reaching self-actualization is a process of developing to one’s fullest potential based on reaching ones needs in a certain order; to become everything that one is capable of becoming as long as lower needs are fulfilled. The Hierarchy of Needs theory is based on the assumption that ‘lower’ needs must be satisfied before an individual can focus on ‘higher’ needs. The original Hierarchy of Needs is made up of these 5 needs, in order: basic needs, safety needs, belongingness and love needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs (Pearson Education , Inc., 2004).

The True Self-Actualization education program expounds the dimensions of the Hierarchy of Needs theory by transforming the 5 needs into 10 dimensional capabilities, hereby referred to as ‘Core Dimensional Capabilities’ (CDC’s). Also, in  the process of self-actualization one can be, and is more than likely, working on multiple CDC’s simultaneously. The 10 CDC’s include: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, behavioral, sexual, relational, personal, financial, and legal (New System, 2012).

True Self-Actualization has two meanings that go hand in hand. Being your True Self is part of the journey to Self-Actualization and becoming self-actualized means you are becoming more of your True Self. If we are not true to ourselves, then roadblocks will prevent us from progressing to our fullest, or truest potential. Understanding this concept is the first step to becoming the most you can be and getting the most out of life that is possible.

Core Dimensional Capabilities

The Core Dimensional Capabilities are inter-connected as they each play a role in our life in some way at the same time and without even realizing it. The 10 Core Dimensions are listed here in a general order of importance; and although they are all inter-connected, the Mental Core Dimension is one of the most important dimensions since we need to be able to use our minds to instrospect, contemplate, and improve our cognitive functioning.

This website is designed to describe each CDC. Our partner program called “Exiting the Matrix” is a 10 week whole person educational program designed as a ‘finishing school’, if you will, to ensure that each person has a basic understanding of their own human development, not only to improve one’s own life; but, the outcome will improve the world around them, as well. I encourage you to take the time to self-evaluate and guide yourself through this educational program so that you are able to find true happiness and success in your life!

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